Criterion 243 Win “Coyote Zipper”

Criterion 243 Win

Mathew H. of Wisconsin sent us a message regarding his most recent Criterion 243 Win build from Northland Shooters Supply. Mathew purchased the following products from Northland.

  • 28″ Criterion 243 Win Bull barrel with 14 twist
  • NSS Precision Ground Recoil Lug
  • NSS Squared and Trued Barrel Nut
  • Forster 243 Win Go Gauge

“Put about 50 rounds down the pipe of my new 243 Criterion 14 twist 28 ” barrel, cleaning between loads. The barrel is cleaning easier as I shoot and groups are getting smaller and more consistent. I’m loading for 55 or 58-grain bullets with max. Velocity. Consistency can be tricky when pushing a light 6mm bullet at max. Velocity. I am getting dime sized groups with every load. Pictured is the very last group I shot through this barrel.  It is with a 55-grain blitzking and H380 powder, right at 4,000 fps. H380 was the last powder I tried. 3 shots at 107 yds. 16power scope. We’ll call this one the coyote zipper, it will unzip the hide right off the yote. Thanks for your great customer service “

Thanks for the message Mathew and happy shooting!