Criterion Rem/Age 6mm Creedmoor Build with A Modified Stock

Les V. Stock

Les V. of North Dakota reached out regarding his most recent build. He purchased a 28″ Criterion Rem/Age 6mm Creedmoor bull barrel from Northland Shooters Supply. He paired the barrel with a Stockys Stock and modified the stock. Here is what Les had to say.

“This stock is an LRC Accublock stock from Stockys Stocks. I bought the unpainted option and textured it myself and painted it. It is extremely stiff, so has taken abeating for the last two+ years without any issues. For the PRS matches I loadthe butt with lead. I’ve found lead to be highly effective as a recoilmitigating tool. 

This stock has an aluminum bedding block in it. It was black and smooth when I opened the box it came in. I mixed up some JB Weld and applied it to the places I thought I would grasp it, but not where it should slide on a bag or rest.

The application was done with a toothbrush, but without taping off a border first. If I were to do it again – and I would have another one of these stocks – I would tape it off first, then apply the JB Weld.

I first applied the JB Weld to the places I wanted it. Then I waited until it was setting up to be tacky and tapped the brush all over again to raise it up some more. The JB Weld tended to smooth itself over a bit if left alone after theinitial application.

The other thing I did not do but would do if I were to repeat this, is rough up the surface with sandpaper first. Although the finish only has a single place about the size of a quarter where it’s worn off, it would stay even longer if the surface had some prepping first.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me that a spot wore off. I can reapply as many coats as Iwant. Touch-ups can be done by spraying some paint into a plastic container, ice-cream pail lid, etc. then dabbing it with a paper towel and pressing thetowel onto where you want the paint.

The first coat I just sprayed on. That was “coyote.” The next two were flat black and green camo. Both of the last two colors were dabbed on with paper towels. It gave it a kind of “digital” look.

Since I did this, I added a Magpul bottom to convert it to an AICS magazine fed unit. And after that I swapped the action in the picture to a Stiller Predator action with the Rem/Age threaded 28″ 7 twist 6mm Creedmoor, Criterion barrel.”

Thanks for the note Les and happy shooting!