Criterion 6BRA Remage Build Success

William B 6BRA Remage Build

William B. of North Carolina sent us some photos of his recent Criterion Barrels Inc. 6 BRA Remage barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS).

Here are the specs on the barrel.

  • 28” Criterion Rem/Age barrel- 6 BRA (Ackley Improved)- Bull contour- 7.5 twist
  • KRG Bravo Chassis
  • Remington 700 action

Here is what William had to say:

“This is accuracy I didn’t know existed. I shot 300 yd tuning loads with 108s and 107s in calm conditions. Needless to say, I’m satisfied. Whoever chambered and spun this barrel I bought last week is good. Yall do fine work. I’m very impressed with my new BRA barrel. This is my fourth 6 BRA barrel and the first one from NSS. With this barrel, I was able to find my COAL to the thousandth multiple, multiple times. 50 rounds down rage with it and it’s shooting in the .2s constantly. I’ve been reading about this level of accuracy and now I’ve got one.”