Criterion 7mm-08 and MDT XRS Chassis

Criterion 7mm-08 and MDT XRS chassis

Dann H. of Pennsylvania sent us some info on his Criterion 7mm-08 build using an MDT XRS chassis purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Here is what Dann had to say about his build:

“I just got done putting my new Criterion barrel on and assembling the whole rifle. Thank you guys for all the great support and patience with me lol. It only took a half hour to swap barrels just because I wanted to make sure everything was right. Heck, half of it I did on my kitchen table lol.

Gun specs are……

  • Savage SA 7mm-08
  • 26” Criterion- varmint barrel-1-9 twist- threaded with 11° target crown
  • MDT…XRS chassis
  • Savage target bolt
  • Trident 3 port muzzle break
  • Arken SH4 gen 2…6-24 x 50 scope
  • Cheap bipod for now lol
  • All shooting a 150 gr Hornady ELD-X

Thanks again for all the help”