Zermatt Origin & Criterion 20 Practical Build

20 Practical build

Aaron C. of Idaho sent us some photos of his 20 Practical build using a Criterion Barrels Inc. barrel and a Zermatt Arms Origin action purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Even in a 30+ MPH wind you can see it is doing very well!

Here are some of the components Aaron used in his build:

  • 26” Criterion small shank Savage barrel- 20 Practical- varmint contour- 11 twist
  • Zermatt Arms Origin- 223 bolt head- Competition bolt knob
  • NSS barrel nut

Here is what Aaron had to say about his build:

“I’ve been playing around with the 20 Practical barrel and 39 grain Sierra bullets. It’s a fun little setup. This group was shot in 30+ MPH gusting at over 40 MPH. I also forgot my bipod so I shot that group off of a Caldwell bag tipped sideways and timed it between the bursts of wind that would almost lift my rifle off the bag.

  • 5 shot group @ 100 yards.
  • 39g Sierra Blitz King
  • Once fired Lapua 223 rem brass
  • 25.8g Benchmark
  • 205m primer
  • Criterion 26” barrel 1-11 T
  • Bix Tac Pro 2 stage trigger
  • Zermatt Arms Origin SA
  • KRG Bravo chassis
  • Burris LRHS FFP 4.4-18X42

Over 200 rounds of load development, the average group size has been under 1/2 MOA with the majority being shot at 300 yards. Thanks again for another great barrel. Every one of my Criterion and Shilen barrels have shot in the .1s if not .0s. This was the first powder choice and I have finalized seating depth and am guessing this barrel will get there as well. I am going to try some RL10X, N133, X-terminator and 4895 and am guessing I’ll find something even better than the Benchmark. I’m also going to try the 32 & 40 V-max as well as the 40 Bergers.

That’s been a fun little side project the last couple of weeks. I’ll probably try another 22 CM barrel or 223 AI next, but it will be after I get done with my hunts.”