Father-Daughter Long Range Shooting Success!

Father-Daughter Participate in Long Range Shooting with NSS Criterion Rem/Age Barrels, NSS Recoil Lugs, and NSS Barrel Nuts.

We recently received news that 15 year old Savannah and father Aaron from Utah successfully completed various long range milk jug challenge shoots. Savannah completed the 1000 yard milk jug challenge, hitting it twice including her very first shot, with a NSS Criterion Rem/Age .243 build.

Aaron recently completed the 1500 yard milk jug challenge with a NSS Criterion Rem/Age 7mm build. Besides the 1500 yard challenge, Aaron has also completed the 1000 yard, 1200 yard, and 1 mile milk jug challenges. Aaron used NSS Rem/Age barrels (.243 and 7mm) to complete all of these challenges.

Congratulations to Savannah and Aaron!

You can see the videos for Savannah and Aaron’s shoots below.


New Shilen Barrel

Shilen 22-250 Is A Real Shooter!

Tim C. of Pennsylvania recently wrote us regarding his Shilen 22-250 Northland Shooters Supply barrel purchase. Tim had the following to say.

“The Shilen chrome-moly matched perfect. It went together nicely and I shot it the next morning. 5 break in shots and 3 sets of 5 sight- ins and I was ready to test it out.  I enclosed the target and a pic of the firearm.  When I hit 40 shots it already started to group!  I’m really satisfied. Thanks for your help and fast response!”

Thanks for the note Tim and happy shooting!New Shilen Barrel-2

First RemAge Build A Success!

David W. of Colorado recently sent us a note regarding his first RemAge Northland Shooters Supply build. David had the following to say.

Just wanted to thank you for the fine products and guidance in my first RemAge build, in 6.5 Creedmoor. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The quality of my Criterion barrel, barrel nut, and receiver wrench are top notch.

Already thinking about my next build and you can be assured we will be doing more business in the near future!”

Thanks for the note David and happy shooting!First RemAge Build


The Best Barrel Ever

Roger W. of Washington recently wrote us to tell us about his recent 7mm-08 build that he purchased from Northland Shooters Supply. Roger had the following to say.

“Couldn’t go to the range so I went to the pit and shot at 85 yards, all you can do there. I cleaned after 2 shots 4 times and stopped. Each group was different powder or different grain, 140-168 Berger’s and 2 factory loads. Each of the groups changed location, but [listen to this] smallest group 1/4″ largest group 3/8″ and one flyer. The best barrel ever! Absolutely accurate!”

Thanks for reaching out Roger and happy shooting!