Gene from Ohio

62nd Birthday 200 Yard Success

Thanks Gene for sending in the great photo and information regarding your recent Northland Shooters Supply build!

See what Gene had to say below.

“Got the rifle Thursday evening, mounted a Sightiron SIII 6×24-50 on NF rings and 20 MOA base. I loaded some new Lapua brass Saturday with 70 Gr Nosler B-Tips, with CCI 450’s and 28.5 Gr H4895 (mild but should be accurate). Went to Woodbury state range out east, 36 degrees Sunday with 7-10 mph wind and snowing while I shot this. Started at 50 yards, with 10 rounds, then went straight to 200 yards shot two groups. First one four rounds to get a spot to adjust from, then rounds # 15-16-17-18-19 & 20 went into this photo attached.

It was my 62nd birthday Sunday and this was special to me! I was very pleased and actually amazed as the B-tips usually shoot good but not really a match bullet. It has been over seven years since I pulled the trigger on a 6BR, I am really glad you had that rifle.” ~Gene

1000 Yard Shooting Testimonial of Recent Build

Thanks Jeff Miller for sending in these great photos and information regarding your recent Northland Shooters Supply build!

See below what Jeff had to say.




“This gun was a budget build on a savage short action using a 28 inch Criterion match grade barrel chambered in .243 Win. I also purchased the NSS precision barrel nut and NSS recoil lug from Northland. The stock is a Chote ultimate sniper. The gun really likes 105gr Hornady match bullets with a dose of 46 grains of H1000.”

20160216_100342_resized“The photo of the orange target is 24X24 and the circle in the middle (shown at the top of this post) is a CD disc size at 1000yd, after playing with windage and elevation I laid down 6 shoots measuring just over 5 inches.”








20151215_133320_resized“The prairie dog target was at 600 yards.  Couldn’t be happier with these results! The 7mm Saum I’m building now will be getting the same barrel.”