Not Sure If Your Existing Rifle Is Small or Large Shank?

Great news! You don’t have to remove the scope, stock, or barrel from your action in order to tell the difference between a small or large shank barrel nut. Simply grab your tape measure, ruler, or dial caliper in order to know for sure. The most important detail, DO NOT include the recoil lug in the overall measured dimension. See the pictures below for an explanation of the measurement differences between the large and small shank barrel nuts. Do you still have questions? Please give us a call and we would happy to help.

Savage Large Shank Barrel Nut Measurement Explanation

Savage Small Shank Barrel Nut Measurement

Tools That Work for Your Gun Build Needs

We get many questions regarding tools that work for your gun build needs. We have several for sale at Northland Shooters Supply, but this post features an explanation of the NSS 11-inch Barrel Nut Wrench.

It’s assumed that this wrench is designed for leverage, but the wrench is actually designed for convenience for gun owners that have older style Savage rifles with the “old style” barrel nut (approximately late 70’s/early 80’s) and newer style Savage and Rem/Age rifles with the “new style” barrel nuts.

As this picture shows, the “old style” barrel nut has a radius notching and the “new style” barrel nut has a square notching.

Do you have newer and older rifle builds with both styles of nuts in your collection? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The NSS 11-inch Barrel Nut Wrench gets the job done. Two birds, one stone.

11 Inch Barrel Nut Wrench Explained

NSS Releases New 4-Inch (Stubby) Barrel Nut Wrench

The 4-inch heavy duty barrel nut wrench offers 33% increased rigidity.  The 4-inch wrench is offered for the standard square-notch barrel nut design. This design also incorporates a 1/2-inch cutout for using a ratchet, breaker bar, or a torque wrench to aid in the removal and installation of the NSS precision barrel nut.

The price for the 4-inch tool is $18.00.


NSS Releases New Tool for Installation of Rem/Age Barrel on Remington 700 Action without Gunsmithing

NSS Taper Loc Recoil Lug System

NSS is pleased to announce the release of their Taper Loc Recoil Lug System. NSS has been working with the latest modification to their Action Wrench, this modification will allow rifle builders that are using the Remington 700 models to install the NSS Rem/Age Barrels without having to notch or pin their receivers. This NSS Action Wrench update will allow you to install the NSS Heavy Duty Precision Ground Recoil Lug directly to your Remington 700 Action without any required gunsmithing.

The price for the Taper Loc Recoil Lug System is $25.00.  Note: The NSS Action Wrench is also needed for this system.

Please click on the link below for direction on how to use the NSS Taper Loc Recoil Lug System.

NSS Taper Loc Recoil Lug System Instructions