Company Update – Business as Usual

Effective April 1, 2016, Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) has changed their management team structure and will be relocating to their new facility in Bismarck, ND.  This notification is to advise our customers that we are turning over the ownership and daily operations of NSS to James Kessler.  Despite the physical address of the business changing, the phone number for the business (763) 682-4296 will remain the same.  You will be able to reach the new owner (James) at this phone number.  There is also an update to the phone system.  Rather than getting a busy signal, your call will go directly to voicemail when James is on the phone assisting another customer.  Please leave a detailed message including your name and phone number and James will return your call in the order it was received.

We are pleased to be handing over the business to James as he is an experienced hunter, shooter, and reloader and will do very well with the NSS product lines. He has been working behind the scenes for the last year and has been doing an outstanding job.  We thought very long and hard regarding who the successor would be for NSS and we are very excited to see James carry on the NSS name and customer service level that we have worked so hard to achieve.

Everything is still business as usual and if you are an existing customer with an order you are currently waiting on, have no fear.  Orders placed prior to the business transition are still being processed on the timeline discussed during the time of your order placement.  When your order is ready to ship, your order will ship from the previous business location in Minnesota.

We want to share a very special thank you to all of our customers.  You have made NSS a very enjoyable experience and we have been happy to serve you.  Thank you all.

Jim and Brenda Briggs


About Us

Northland Shooters Supply has been dedicated to providing top quality affordable shooting components to the shooting industry since the 1990’s.  We are a one stop shop for all rifle builds and rifle upgrades.  We have everything from match grade barrels to upgraded components and the tools you will need to complete your rifle build.


We Have Ready to Ship Criterion and Shilen Barrels on Hand

We stock many of the most common CriterionSavage and CriterionRem/Age barrels as well as the ShilenSavage barrels.  We offer different contours, twists and calibers to meet your barrel needs.


Who We Are

Family-Owned-and-OperatedWe are second-generation family owned business. We currently offer two brands of hand lapped Match Grade rifle barrels by Criterion and Shilen. We are pioneers in the shooting industry with the introduction of our Rem/Age line of pre-fit Remington replacement barrels to fit the Remington 700 rifles.

We offer an upgraded precision ground heavy-duty recoil lug and precision (squared and trued) barrel nut for all Savage, Remington 700, and Remington 783 rifles. We also have specialized hand tools for assembly and disassembly of Savage and Remington rifles for the installation of after market or replacement barrels.

Tour our new website and see what you can’t live without!


The Barrels We Offer

criterion-barrelsNorthland Shooters Supply offers high quality after market upgraded barrels from Criterion and Shilen. These hand lapped match grade barrels are available for both Savage and Remington Rifles. Northland maintains extensive inventories of both brands of barrels.  We also offer custom ordering of specific calibers or contours to custom fit shooter applications.  Northland supplies barrels from these manufacturers to customers from the recreational hunter up to the nationally competitive shooter.


shilenCustomers that have purchased Criterion and Shilen barrels from Northland have gone on to set new national shooting records in competition. Recreational hunters and shooters that have upgraded their rifles using Northland heavy duty recoil lugs, precision barrel nuts, and after market barrels have seen more consistent shot placement at extended ranges.